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Basic WYSIWYG Editor 1.0

It allows you to write HTML code and instantly see the resulting web page
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Basic WYSIWYG Editor is a small and easy-to-use application for people who are learning how to build web pages. It allows you to write HTML code and instantly see the visual result on the actual web page.

Using this program is very simple; the GUI consists of two frames, the lower frame is the editor where you type the HTML code or paste code from another window into. In the upper frame, you can instantly see the result as you type. Generally, Basic WYSIWYG Editor expects code in the common Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) - which allows you to add text, tables, images, objects, etc., to the web page. Respective tags are placed in angle brackets and are never displayed on the resulting web page.

Besides embedding images and objects, the program allows you to embed scripts in other languages such as JavaScript, VBS, PHP, and ASP. After you have finished constructing your web page, you can save it to a file. You just need to type the name and the file will be saved in the folder where Basic WYSIWYG Editor is installed. Also you can load other files saved in that folder.

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  • You can instantly observe the result of the code you are typing
  • You can resize the window


  • You cannot explore the contents of the folder where the files are loaded from or saved to
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